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Gore-Tex (Pro) vs Ascentshell, FutureLight, eVent and co.

Comparison of waterproof and breathable laminates for jackets, bivouacs, etc.

6 minutes read

Waterdrops on plant

Gore-Tex is a membrane made of PTFE (Teflon). The Teflon is stretched so that billions of small holes are formed. The new porous material is then called ePTFE (e for expanded). This creates about 1.3 billion pores per cm2, each with a diameter of about 1/20,000th of a drop of water, but about 770 times larger than water vapor molecules. This means that no water can penetrate, but the internal water vapor can escape to the outside. There are Gore-Tex in different laminates the standard consists…

Cuben Fiber vs Silnylon vs Silpoly

Advantages and disadvantages of each material for tents and tarps

2 minutes read

Poncho-Tarp selfmade

Silnylon is often used as the main material for tents. That is a nylon layer, which is coated with silicone on both sides. The silicone increases the tear strength and makes the material water repellent or waterproof.

Merino vs Synthetic vs Cotton

Improve your comfort with the right material

2 minutes read

Balls of wool

Merino wool comes from sheep of the Merino genus. This type of sheep has wool fibers that are usually less than 24 microns thin. These thin threads ensure that sweat filled with bacteria is absorbed from the body. The fibers bind the bacteria of the sweat or trap them between the strands, preventing them from thriving and thus smelling bad. The bacteria are later washed out with the washing machine. Therefore, it can smell stronger during the washing process than when washing synthetics. It is…

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